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Rona Fletcher, verified human voice

My demos

Intuition, versatility, my years of training results in your project’s success.

Your script and my voice are just the starting point for creating the correct atmosphere for easily connecting with your target.

I understand that your project is unique and my commitment is to work WITH you and your company, with attention to detail, and heart, as only a verified human voice can.

Let my DEMOS place you in different scenarios, emotions, and stories, how my expertise as a successful dubbing actor can take your project wherever you need.

Video demos


If your creative project is targeted to spanish speakers or a bilingual audience, I can help! As a totally bilingual and bicultural actor, I seamlessly record in English and Spanish, in the same script, if needed.

Corporate Videos

I bring experience and clarity to your stories. In narrations, my voiceover elevates your content and the emotions you want to transmit. Leave a lasting impression on your target and make your video stand out.

Telephony and Automated Answering Systems

Your company needs a friendly, confident guiding voice that connects and interacts with any person on the other end. Recording in both English and Spanish in any format technically needed for your system.

Video Game

Creating the perfect voice to motivate and excite your player is what I can do as a voice artist, using acting and character creation techniques with my voice.


Character creation is one of my favorites! Interpreting the character needs, projecting its personality in each dialogue to contribute to the credibility of the story, this is what I do as a voice actor, my training for using acting and voice techniques accurately.


Professional Broadcast
Quality Studio

I offer the services of a professional recording studio.

Professional Recording Studio

Reliable and professional acoustic booth, you can direct me remotely via Source Connect or Session Link.

  • Mac Book
  • Mic: Sennheiser MKH416
  • Universal Twin-Finity 710
  • Avalon Vacuum Tube
  • Vt737sm preamp
  • DAW: Sound Forge / Twisted Wave.

Rona Fletcher


Born and raised in the vibrant cultural blend of Mexico City, I was immersed in an artistic and bilingual environment from the start. With a New York actor/VO father and a Mexican teacher/writer and painter mother, creativity and expression were woven into the fabric of my upbringing.

My journey into the world of entertainment began early, as a teenager working alongside my father at his NYC Acting School. There, I not only gained invaluable experience but also discovered my own talents, landing my first paid recordings and laying the foundation for a multifaceted career ahead.

After completing a Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) degree in Marketing and Advertising in Mexico City, I embarked on a dynamic career path at Televisa, Latin America’s foremost commercial broadcast television and radio network. As the youthful face of the Morning Show, I wrote and hosted my own segments, connecting with diverse audiences blending professionalism and creativity.

Over the course of nearly 35 years in the industry, I’ve lent my voice to countless campaigns, from major airlines to global cosmetics brands, and from automotive giants to political, social initiatives and corporate videos for the top Fortune 500 companies. Whether on radio, television, or in corporate videos, my voice has resonated across diverse platforms and audiences.

In the realm of dubbing, I’ve brought characters to life in both animated and live-action productions, demonstrating versatility and skill in both Spanish and English. From beloved Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar classics to cutting-edge video games like Tomb Raider and Halo, where my voice is part of these memorable projects.

Earning accolades such as the Bravo Award in Mexico for Best Female Character Performance and the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences Award in Los Angeles for Best Animated Demo Reel in Spanish, and Silver for the prestigious Creative Circle Awards.

Beyond my performance achievements, I’ve pursued further education, earning a master’s degree in Art Therapy and specialising in Digital Content and Creativity. Combining my passion for the arts with a commitment to education, I’ve spent the past six years directing Gravy For The Brain in the Latin American region, a British education platform that’s shaping the next generation of voice actors worldwide.

Additionally, I’ve played a pivotal role in events like the OneVoice Conference, curating and directing the Spanish Track for this renowned Voice Artists awards and professional get together, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.

Through talks, workshops, and courses around the globe, I continue to share my expertise and insights, exploring new trends and pushing the boundaries of voice artistry. With a fervent passion for travel and a keen eye on the future, I remain committed to elevating the craft of voice acting and inspiring others to reach new heights in their creative endeavours.



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